Part of OSDAA's work is to recognize the tireless volunteers and people in our community and their dedication and hard work.  Recognizing such individuals for their valuable contributions is an essential part of OSDAA.

The Awards and Scholarships Committee reviews all nominations and submits recommendations to the Board of Governors for final selections. Awards are given during the Fall Festival and the Convention


Robert F. MacGregor Award

In honor of Robert F. McGregor (1849-1926), this award is given to an individual who has provided outstanding leadership and commited faithful service to OSDAA. McGregor, who became deaf from brain fever, was the founder and the first president of the National Association of the Deaf (NAD), and served as superintendent of the Deaf school in Cincinnati before teaching at OSD; he was also involved in the Ohio Home for the Aged and Infirm Deaf (OHAD).

President Award  

This award is given by the president to an officer, standing committee chairperson, volunteer, or member who has exhibited a high level of performance and outstanding dedication in service to OSD and OSDAA

President’s Volunteer Award

The award is given by the president to volunteers who is given over few hundreds hours of helping our organization. The award is the most prestigious, and honors alumni, members & non-members to recognize over hundreds hours of extraordinary service. Awardees may receive a plaque & congratulatory letter from the President during our annual Fall Festival event.


We also recognize the contributors who donate monetary fund to our organization. You may find more detail about Contributor Award.

Contributor Award; 

Contributors to OSDAA are recognized in four categories;
$500-$999, $1,000-4,999, $5,000-$9,999, and over $10,000. Contributors are recognized with their names on our Donor Recognition Tree, which is on display at our community center.



For more information on any of our awards or contributions, please contact the Awards & Scholarship Committee Chair. 

List of Honorees:

Award Recipients


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