150th Anniversary
Gala Event

Welcome to our coming big celebration

There will be many exciting activities to bring the memorable times at our event. It includes the tours: Old School and New School, Ohio Home for the Aged and Infirm Deaf (OHAD) and the campus of Columbus Colony.  We will introduce the history of our school, organization and Columbus Colony.  You also discover our OSDAA’s strategical plans: master plan at Columbus Colony in the future. And, there is more to list.  Don’t miss this event where you attend our special celebration in the once in your lifetime.  

You will receive special edition commemorative book. You can check our another website for more details.  

Check our website:  www.osdaa150th.com  Purchase the tickets as soon as possible - It is limited available of seats.
Reserve the dates on your calendar: August 27th to 30th 

You could browse our pages: An Opening Letter, Sponsorship Packages, Souvenir Book (advertisement), Silent Auction Donations, CODA Donations, and Reservation.  Please check these pages.

Our 150th Anniversary Gala is a major fundraising event for OSDAA's Robert MacGregor Fund in conjunction with the Columbus Foundation to build a group home on the Columbus Colony Campus. Please consider to pledge the contribution.