Since 1870, the backbone of OSDAA's success has been our volunteers and members. We are proud to continue our volunteerism through our committees and events. Below is a list of our committees:

Alumni Committee

Membership:  Mary Huebner

Historical Documents/Memorabilia:  Bonnie Goodyear-Sanderlin

Alumni Newsletter Committee:  Rolland Doudt

Convention:  Traci Matsuzak

Awards & Scholarship Committee:  Ronald Patterson

Law/Policy committee:   Richard Penny

Finance/Budget:   Elwin Babb

Contribution & Pledges:   Howard Synder 

Education:  Darrell Doudt 

Land/Building Committee 

Fall Bazaar & Crafts:   Mary Crum- Penny

Columbus Colony Housing I & II:  Linda Adams
Columbus Colony Elderly Care:  Darrell Doudt

Fall Festival Committee:  Ronald Patterson

Christmas in July:  Linda Adams

OSDAA’S 150th Anniversary:  Mary Owen 

Reunion:  Chris Khuns

Volunteers/Community Service:  Bobby Blessing

Public Relations/Marketing/Fundraising

Social Media:  Jaquelyn Johnstone-Doudt

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If you'd like to be apart of any committees, please let the commitee chairperson or The OSDAA President know.