Please choose any four category: Voyager Crew packages, Support Crew packages, Souvenir Book (advertisements), Silent Auction - donations/contributions & CODA package


Category Support Crew Amount:
Voyager Crew (VC) Captain:  $10,000
Navigator:  $7,500
Helmsman:  $5,000
Quarter Master:  $3,000
Mariner:  $1,000
Deck Hands:   $500
Support Crew (SC) Patron Crew:  $125
Sailing Crew :  $25 - $100  
Journey Crew:   $1 - $25  
Souvenir Book (SB) Full Page:  $150
Half Page:   $100
Quarter Page:  $75
Business Card - $45
Silent Auction (SA)    
CODA (CA) $200  

Please make all checks Payable to: OSDAA 150th Anniversary.
 Mail Check and Form to:
Mary Huebner, Gala Treasurer
1055 Colony Drive,
Westerville, Ohio 43081


*You may use your debit or credit card to donate.  Make sure to use the code and fill out the amount